Where I live:

Cloverdale, CA


October 30th

Curve Unit Status:


Bikes I own:  

BMW XR900, Suzuki SV650 for the track, and a Honda CRF250 for the dirt! Oh and a Yamaha Vino 50cc Scooter :p

What got me into riding:

My husband, riding dirt, and wanting a quicker commute to work

Why I ride:

Freedom, a love for the open road. Riding allows me to disconnect from the world and focus on the task at hand. A sense of calm and an adrenaline rush all in one.

Why I ride with Curve Unit:  

Family, unbreakable bonds.

Favorite place to ride:

North Bay/Bodega, 128 Cloverdale - Fort Bragg

Other interests outside of riding:

Swimming and my pups <3

Fun fact about me:  

I have 17 tattoos and counting!

One of my useless talents is:  

I can lick my elbow. Ok not really, but I fooled you for a second ;)

My walkup song:

“Party Up (Up in Here)” by DMX

Social Media: