Curve Unit Rides

If you are comfortable riding on the street, freeway, and “twisties”, you should be fine joining a Curve Unit ride. The rides are structured in such a way that you can ride at the pace you’re comfortable. However, if you are still riding in parking lots only and haven’t ventured out on public roads yet, we encourage you to get more practice in before joining a Curve Unit ride.

It depends! We’ve had very small rides (less than 15) and very large rides (more than 150). Recently, most rides have about 50-80 people. Location, weather, route, and type of ride influence the number of attendees.

Most Curve Unit rides are open to everyone and happen monthly (usually the second Sunday of each month). The ride starts at a meet spot, usually near a gas station, so you can arrive with a full tank of gas. Rides will have a meet time and then a KSU (kick stands up) time for each ride to give time for socializing before the start of the ride. Curve Unit conducts a riders meeting right before KSU time to discuss how we will break into groups (based on desired pace – Spirited, Moderate, Conservative, etc.), safe riding practices, any potential hazards to be aware of, and other logistics. At the end of the riders meeting, we stage up in our groups, each with a Curve Unit member lead and sweep, and take off. Routes tend to range from 50-100 miles. We stop and wait at every turn (when safe) so that no one gets lost or left behind. We also usually have a gas stop / break in the middle of the ride and then end at a restaurant to enjoy lunch together. Oh! And all Curve Unit members are First Aid / CPR / AED certified, so you’re in good hands. We take safety seriously!

A motorcycle (unless you’re riding 2-up), proper gear, a current M1, registration & insurance, and a full tank of gas. Also, please ride like everyone around you is family. No assholes.

Yes, Yes, and Yes! We have cruisers and adventure bikes on most, if not all, of our rides!

Most Curve Unit rides are “Open” rides, meaning all genders can come! So yes! Bring your boyfriends / husbands / male friends! Occasionally, we may host a “Ladies Only” ride or “Sadie Hawkins” ride (by invite only), but those are less common. Curve Unit will always indicate what type of ride is planned.

No, no cost! We just ask that you wear proper gear, have a current M1, registration & insurance, and a full tank of gas.

Curve Unit occasionally hosts parking lot sessions for newer women riders, where we go through drills to improve your motorcycle handling skills: emergency braking, U turns, slow riding, stopping / starting on an incline, turning, etc. We discuss the importance of vision, counter steering, throttle and brake control, and other skills. Curve Unit will also go on private rides with newer women riders who are looking for a bit of extra support getting out on the street. Through connections you meet on our rides and our social media, you’ll find like-minded riders looking to meet up and practice or ride in your area.

If you don’t know the acronym already, T-CLOCS is a great place to start: 


  • Tires & Wheels
  • Controls
  • Lights & Electrical
  • Oil & Fluids
  • Chassis
  • Sidestand

Read the linked article for more info!

About Curve Unit

Full-fledged membership is only granted to the ladies….sorry gentlemen! In addition, these are our minimum requirements: 

  • Own a motorcycle
  • Possess an M1 license with current registration and insurance
  • Attend all monthly meetings, rides, and events
  • Conduct oneself in a way that positively represents the spirit of CU


There is also a process to go through to become a member. For more info, check out our About Us page.

Absolutely yes! If you consider yourself a woman, join us! 

Yes! Although Curve Unit’s culture is centered around sport bikes, we welcome all women who love to ride any motorcycle!

The best way to get started is to join us on our next ride and stay for the meeting afterwards to learn what we’re all about! Other ways to engage is to get to know our members and prospects, be present on our social media pages, and share our same excitement for riding and sisterhood. And, of course, let us know you’re interested in joining! 

The process of joining Curve Unit and getting patched in occurs in 3 stages: Hang Around (minimum of 4 months to learn about the club and express interest in joining), Prospect (minimum of 8 months to get to know each other and demonstrate commitment), and finally Member (fully patched in). Other requirements include attending monthly rides and paying nominal monthly dues.

For any other questions related to joining our group, please email us at info@curveunit.com.

Curve Unit members attend various track days (including Women’s VIP day with Z2 Track Days), Ride for Kids (fundraising ride to support the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation), Bike Nights, social meetups, and other fundraising events. 

Curve Unit has a long history of fundraising for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF). To learn more about this charity or to give, please go to: http://www.curethekids.org/. Please note that you can donate to the PTBF by donating to Curve Unit on our Donate page.

While CU members and prospects are highly encouraged to take part in track days, it is not a requirement to be part of the club. CU does participate in Z2’s Women’s VIP track day each year, but does not require anyone to ride on the track if they’re not comfortable.

We don’t have an official clubhouse, but many of the group hangouts happen at the president’s house. We all initiate social events at each other’s homes, track events, restaurants, etc.

Yes, members and prospects pay nominal monthly dues; those monies are applied towards CU expenses such as: hotels for overnight events, website maintenance, etc. as well as contributions to charity.

No way! Curve Unit is a social organization dedicated to the progress, growth, and livelihood of female motorcycle riders.

So many ways! After every monthly ride, Curve Unit has a meeting where we discuss group business. All women interested in Curve Unit are welcome to attend those meetings. It’s a good way to observe what we do and how we interact! Other ways includes reaching out to us at info@curveunit.com or social media on our Facebook / Instagram / YouTube sites.

Track Days

A track day is an organized event in which motorcyclists are allowed to ride around motor racing circuits (e.g. tracks) in a controlled environment. It’s an opportunity to be on a closed circuit without having to deal with speed limits, trees, cars, debris, poor road conditions, etc, while improving your skills. You have the opportunity to ride with others who are at the same level as you, and access classroom learning and on track coaching. Plus, it’s super fun!

Anywhere from $150 – $350 on average, depending on the event and the track. Thunderhill Raceway events are generally less expensive, whereas Laguna Seca Raceway and Sonoma Raceway cost more. 

Yes! Several of the Curve Unit ladies ride the track regularly and would be happy to have you come watch or ride, depending on your comfort level. If you decide to ride on the track, please make sure you are comfortable with the basic fundamentals of riding (use of controls – throttle, clutch, brake, steering, etc). Reach out to us at info@curveunit.com to learn more!

If it’s your first track day, it may feel overwhelming at first, but ultimately you’ll find it fun and informative. You’ll be able to practice skills in a safe environment and improve your riding abilities faster and safer than on the street. For new track day riders, we highly recommend asking for a ride instructor so you approach improving skills in a methodical way.

For the already initiated track day rider, expect another exciting day improving techniques and skills you want to work on, with a community that puts egos aside to see everyone at their best.

Yes! Leathers are not required for beginner track riders. You have the option to wear your leather and / or textile jacket and pants (as long as they can zip together). You’ll need to wear a full face helmet, gauntlet gloves, and motorcycle boots that go past your ankles. If you don’t want to ride, but just want to see what a track day is like, you’re welcome to come hang out and pit with the Curve Unit girls.

There are two main things to prepare for a track day: you and your bike. Download our guide on track day prep!  

Have a question not listed here? Send us an email at info@curveunit.com