The Megan

Where I live:

San Francisco, CA


July 28th (Leo, rawr =^._.^=)

Curve Unit Status:

Contributing Member

Bikes I own:  

‘20 KTM Duke 890R

What got me into riding:

I wanted to go fast and get around traffic

Why I ride:

For the adrenaline rush, because I enjoy pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, because riding helps me find great people to share adventures with, and I love exploring beautiful places!

Why I ride with Curve Unit:  

Curve Unit is all about building community and supporting women and men in this amazing sport. We look out for each other and build one another up. The ladies in this group have so much heart - I am so glad I found them!

Favorite place to ride:

The Alice’s area - 84 / skyline - where I first learned to ride!!

Other interests outside of riding:

Rock climbing, trail running, bicycling/mountain biking, EDM, video and board games

Fun fact about me:  

I love animals and briefly worked at a vets office - lots of wild stories

One of my useless talents is:  

Remembering every detail of someone’s life story but forgetting their name

My walkup song:

Good Thing - Zedd & Kehlan

Social Media: