Big Sky

Where I live:

Tiburon, CA


It's a mystery..Keep guessing!

Curve Unit Status:


Bikes I own:  

Yamaha MT-09

What got me into riding:

A ridiculous 2 mile commute that took upwards of 45 minutes in a car!

Why I ride:

Riding started as pure convenience and now it's overtaken my life. I am so in love with the riding community and how motorcycling makes me feel.

Why I ride with Curve Unit:  

After getting my license, I immediately looked for other women to ride with. CU came up in a web search and I knew I'd found my tribe. This club has changed my life and I'm so grateful to be part of it.

Favorite place to ride:

Sooooo many favorites. South of SF: 84 La Honda, North of SF: Hwy 1 north of Sausalito, East bay: Mines Road, Central Valley: Hwy 49 Little Dragon.

Other interests outside of riding:

I love animals and animal rescue.

Fun fact about me:  

I operate motorcycle tours out of San Francisco!

One of my useless talents is:  

I can pop my elbows!

My walkup song:

“Bubble Butt” by Major Lazer

Social Media: