Baja, B, Jas

Where I live:  

Mountain View, CA


January 28, 1997

Curve Unit Status:  

Contributing Member

Bikes I own:  

Triumph Street Triple R

What got me into riding:  

I thought bikes were intriguing from a very young age, but couldn't afford one.

Why I ride:  

Because it's fun.

Why I ride with Curve Unit:  

They're a great group of women, and I find spaces for women by women to be some of the greatest.

Favorite place to ride:  

Other interests outside of riding:  

Aerials, ASL, coding, learning everything and anything.

Fun fact about me:  

I'm anything but what is expected.

One of my useless talents is:  

I can find almost anything online.

My walkup song:  

Changes with my mood

Social Media: