Jacqueline Bischof


Jackie, Linchen, Line

Where I live:  

San Jose, CA


January 13th, 1993

Curve Unit Status:  


Bikes I own:  

2021 Kawasaki Z400, 2023 CBR600rr

What got me into riding:  

A red CBR600RR in Florida

Why I ride:  

Because it connects me to myself in a way nothing else can - and also because I am a speed demon :)

Why I ride with Curve Unit:  

Because I was looking for some girl love and I found it with these great ladies! As a fairly new rider, it is great to be in an environment where I can learn and have fun with like-minded people!

Favorite place to ride:  

Santa Cruz Mountains

Other interests outside of riding:  

Yoga and meditation, dancing, my dog, and really all other animals.

Fun fact about me:  

I had Dengue fever… twice!!

One of my useless talents is:  

Parallel parking

My walkup song:  

"The Greatest" by Sia

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