Ashara Matthews


None, but if you’re lazy, then Shara. But open to suggestions!

Where I live:  

Daly City, CA


October 12th - Libra for life!

Curve Unit Status:  


Bikes I own:  

2022 Ducati Supersport S

What got me into riding:  

Cool looking bikes initially!

Why I ride:  

It's fun, and yet somehow when you're going fast, everything slows down.

Why I ride with Curve Unit:  

The ladies are awesome - they would be my friends on and off the bike.

Favorite place to ride:  


Other interests outside of riding:  

I’m a Foodie! Cooking, baking, eating - the works!

Fun fact about me:  

Played and medaled in tennis once upon a time.

One of my useless talents is:  

Bowling *shrugs*

My walkup song:  

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Eurythmics...but in slow mo' because I'm a superhero fan - ha!

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